Cream Cheese Swirl Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Swirl

I know. I know.The last thing you need less than a week after Thanksgiving is a pumpkin pie recipe. Am I right? It’s something you needed before Thanksgiving. And I’m sorry, I should have posted it earlier. But better late than never. And besides, this cream cheese swirl pumpkin pie is so delicious it’s worth having just so you know it exists. Plus, my family and friends really enjoyed this pie over Thanksgiving that I thought I had to share it because maybe you’d enjoy it too.  (more…)

How to Fold a Napkin Fan

How to Fold a Napkin Fan

Ok, I know that Thanksgiving is largely about the food. And usually I’m all about the recipes but today I’m going to share my special holiday skill: napkin folding. Specifically, this post is a tutorial for how to fold a napkin fan. This fold is a simple way to make your Thanksgiving table just a little bit more special. And come on, the fan looks a little like a turkey tail! It’s perfection. (more…)

Mushroom and Leek Stuffing

Mushroom & Leek Stuffing

This year is my third time hosting Thanksgiving. So far I really enjoy it. I like the planning, the preparation, and the cooking. But last year I made something I thought I was going to hate: mushroom and leek stuffing. The thing is, Thanksgiving isn’t about me. It’s about the people around the table and I want to make sure everyone gets something they like. Last year my guests requested stuffing, but I made it, because as my mother taught me – hosting is about making your guests happy and comfortable. I decided since I was making something I didn’t like I would go all out and add mushrooms, which I hate and Ryan loves. So, mushroom and leek stuffing was on the table. Here’s the thing though: it was flipping delicious.  (more…)

Tourist Tuesday: Oxford

Christ Church Oxford

A few weeks ago my parents were in London visiting me and Ryan. We did a ton of touristy stuff. We went to Borough Market, the British Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. We went out to eat, went to the cinema, and hung out. We also did some things I’d never done before like visit Oxford. My parents had been there before but through Ryan and I would love it. There’s lots of stuff to do there but let me tell you about a few highlights. Spoiler: they are mainly Harry Potter and museum related.  (more…)

Squash stuffed with Lentils

Squash stuffed with Lentils

For most of us our Thanksgiving menus are probably pretty standard. You know, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, lots of pie, and so on. This year will be my third time hosting Thanksgiving and I will be cooking a lot of the same things I did the last two years. The only difference is I make sure to check with new guests to make sure the one thing they love most will be on the table.

But I got to thinking about changing up Thanksgiving menus after listening to the podcast Gravy. This podcast is made by the Southern Foodways Alliance, which tells stories about the American South through food. In the episode called “Coming Out Meatless,” part of the episode was about a young man who became a vegetarian and when he went home for Thanksgiving there was only one dish he could eat. And it got me thinking, what would I cook if I were to make a vegetarian Thanksgiving? What I came up with was squash stuffed with lentils.  (more…)

How to Make Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin Puree

Up until a few weeks ago I had been living under the impression that making your own pumpkin puree was hard. Like, so wildly hard that there was no reason to ever attempt it. Have you ever made pumpkin puree from scratch? I just didn’t see the reason to do it, and this coming from someone who has made her own butter. And then I was talking to one of my colleagues from work and everything changed. (more…)

Blueberry Thyme Cornbread

Blueberry Thyme Cornbread

Have you ever gotten an idea stuck in your head and then you just have to work on it until you’ve seen it through? That was me with this blueberry thyme cornbread. The first time I made it, the batter overflowed out of the tin and oozed everywhere. If you’re curious what that looked like, the photo is here on Instagram. The second time it came out greasy. It look all right, but if you were to touch a piece of paper to it the grease would soak through. Then the third time it was nearly perfect but it tasted too much like cake and not enough like cornbread. Then finally, finally the fourth time it came out well and now I can finally share the recipe with you.  (more…)

Apple Cider

Homemade Apple Cider

One time, a few years ago, Ryan and I went apple picking with our friends Phil and Meg. It’s incredibly easy to pick too many apples while apple picking and I remember thinking, “what can we possibly do with a wheelbarrow full of apples?!” And I think we made pies, and tarts, and ate them raw. But now, I think we should have made apple cider. Homemade apple cider makes your whole house smell like autumn and pie. And also you can use up a ton of apples. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t go apple picking for these apples. I just got them from the store. It’s less exciting, I know.  (more…)

Tourist Tuesday: Midnight Hike with Iceland Activities

Mariel and Anna on a Hike

I’m so excited about this post because this hike was the best thing my friend Anna and I did while in Iceland. Before we left for our trip, Anna was doing some research and read about the Midnight Mountain Bath Hike tour with Iceland Activities from a blog (whose name we can’t remember and for that I’m sorry). Iceland Activities is a family run company that offers small group tours around Hveragerði, which is about 40 minutes outside of Reykjavik. The price for the tour is 17900 ISK which hurt our wallets, but decided to take the plunge because we liked the idea of an intimate experience where we’d get to see some natural beauty off the beaten path. It was totally and completely worth it. Let me tell you more.


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